Syringe Filters

Our syringe filters are designed for efficient and cost-effective rapid filtration of almost any solution prior to analysis, and are optimized for superior flow rates and high-throughput.
We offer a wide variety of membranes ideal for any application. The housing attaches to any standard luer lock syringe, so the sample can easily be pushed through the membrane with minimal pressure. The result is a particulate-free eluent that is ready for use with HPLC, GC, or other analytical techniques.

With their low extractables and low binding membranes, our syringe filters are ideal for sensitive instrumental analysis including gas, liquid and ion chromatography. A wide range of chemical compatibility enables their use with virtually any sample composition.

  • Increased column lifetime
  • Less system down time
  • Consistent, reproducible results


In today’s environment, rapid and simple sample preparation is a must. Our syringe filters are designed for higher flow rates and throughputs than those of competing products.

No matter the sample type, we offer filtration products to meet your demanding requirements.  Water, wastewater, soil and sludge, and pollution control samples are especially challenging.
At every stage of the drug discovery process target compounds must be isolated, purified, and prepared prior to testing

Difficult samples such as serum, urine and other physiological fluids are easily filtered and clarified using our syringe filters. Removal of particulate matter to sub-micron levels is critical before any clinical sample is injected into an HPLC, GC or mass spectrometer. At every stage of toxicology, samples must be prepared prior to testing.

Food safety is more important than ever and decreasing detection limits are making analysis even more challenging. Accurate and reliable testing is critical to ensure food safety. Syringe filters are routinely used in preparation for analysis of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, flavors and fragrances. For samples with large amounts of particulate and/or large fibrous matter, use a glass fiber prefilter.


  • Environmental
  • Pharmaceutical / Biotech
  • Clinical / Toxicology
  • Food and Beverage




Syringe filter Specifications

Materials of Construction
Housing: 100% homopolymer Polypropylene- no filling agents or release agents.
Prefilter: Borosilicate glass 1μm
Effective Filtration Area
13 mm:  0.8 cm2
17 mm:  1.0 cm2
25 mm:  3.9 cm2
31 mm:  4.5 cm2
Sample Volume
13 mm: < 10 mL
17 mm: < 12 mL
25 mm: < 150 mL
31 mm: < 200 mL
Inlet/Outlet Connections
13, 17, 25 & 31mm: Female luer lock inlet, male slip luer outlet
Typical Hold-Up Volume (with air purge)
13 mm: < 15 μL
17mm : < 18 μL
25 mm: < 80 μL
25 mm Prefilter: < 80 μL
31 mm: < 80 μL
Maximum Operating Temperature
55 °C (131 °F) at 2.1 bar (210 kPa, 30 psi)
Maximum Operating Pressure
13 mm: 6.9 bar (690 kPa, 100 psi)
17 mm: 130 psi
25 mm: 4.1 bar (410 kPa, 60 psi) at 21 - 24 ºC (70 - 75 ºF); 2.1 bar (210 kPa, 30 psi) at 55 ºC (131 ºF)
Typical Water Flow Rate with Nylon membrane- mL/min at 2.1 bar (210 kPa, 30 psi)
13 mm, 0.2 μm Nylon: 10
13 mm, 0.45 μm Nylon : 15
25 mm, 0.2 μm Nylon: 115 0.45 μm: 245
25 mm prefilter/0.45 μm Nylon: 215
31 mm, 0.2 μm Nylon: 92 0.45 μm: 169

Sample Prep for Chromatography


  • General particulate removal
  • GC
  • IC
  • HPLC
  • Dissolution testing

PES- Fast flow and low protein binding
Hydrophilic PTFE- Mild organics and aqueous solutions; low binding and extractables
Nylon- Aqueous or organic solutions
PTFE: Organic solvents (hydrophobic membrane)

Viscous Filtration/ High Particulate


  • General particulate removal
  • Analytical Sample preparation
  • Wine Analysis

Use filters with prefilters for higher throughput
Hydrophilic PTFE- organics and aqueous solutions
Nylon- Aqueous or organic solutions
PTFE: Organic solvents (hydrophobic membrane)
PVDF:  for mild organic and aqueous solutions

Laboratory Filtration


  • Particulate and clarification removal

Use filters with prefilters for higher throughput
Glass fiber prefiltration
NC- Mixed Cellulose esters (MCE)- Aqueous solutions
PVDF:  ultra-low protein binding;  mild organic and aqueous solutions

Sterile Filtration


  • Biological solutions
  • Buffers
  • Tissue culture media/additives

PES- Fast flow and low protein binding
PVDF:  ultra-low protein binding
Hydrophilic PTFE- wide-ranging chemical compatibility
NC- Mixed Cellulose esters (MCE)- general purpose

Gas/Vent Filters


  • Venting sterile contianers
  • Sterile filtering gases

PTFE: (hydrophobic membrane)


Syringe Filters - Size: 13mm
  Qty Per Package 100 500 1000
NYLON .2um 13NY0 13NY02 13NY025
  .45um 13NY4 13NY45 13NY455
CA .2um 1302C 1302CA 1302CA5
  .45um 1345C 1345CA 1345CA5
PP .2um 1302P 1302PP 1302PP5
  .45um 1345P 1345PP 1345PP5
.2um 1302T 1302PT 1302PT5
Hydrophobic .45um 1345T 1345PT 1345PT5
.2um 1302PL 1302PTL 1302PTL5
PES .2um 1302E 1302PT 1302PTL5
  .45um 1345E 1345PT 1345PT5
NC .2um 1302N
(MCE) .45um 1345N 1345NC 1345NC5
PVDF .2um 1302V
1302PV 1302PV5
  .45um 1345V 1345PV 1345PV5

Syringe Filters - Size: 17mm
  Qty Per Package 100 500 1000
NYLON .2um 17NY0
17NY02 17NY025
  .45um 17NY4 17NY45 17NY455
CA .2um 17CA0 17CA02 17CA025
  .45um 17CA4 17CA45 17CA455
PP .2um 17PP0 17PP02 17PP025
  .45um 17PP4 17PP45 17PP455
PTFE .2um 17PT0 17PT02 17PT455
Hydrophobic .45um 17PT4 17PT45 17PT455
PTFE .2um 17PTL0 17PTL02 17PTL025
PES .2um 17PE0 17PE02 17PE025
  .45um 17PE4 17PE455 17PE455
.2um 17NC0
(MCE) .45um 17NC4 17NC45 17NC455
PVDF .2um 17PV0
17PV02 17PV025
  .45um 17PV4 17PV45 17PV455

Syringe Filters - Size: 25mm
  Qty Per Package 100 500 1000
NYLON .2um NY02
NY021 NY022
  .45um 17NY4 NY451 NY452
CA .2um CA02 CA021 CA022
  .45um CA45 CA451 CA452
PP .2um PP02 PP021 PP022
  .45um PP45 PP451 PP452
PTFE .2um PTL02 PTL021 PTL022
Hydrophobic .45um PT45 PT451 PT452
PTFE .2um PTL02 PTL021 PTL022
PES .2um PE02
PE021 PE022
  .45um PE45 PE451 PE452
NC .2um NC02
(MCE) .45um NC45 NC451 NC452
PVDF .2um PV02
PV021 PV022
  .45um PV45 PV451 PV452
Glass Fiber 1.0um GL02
GL021 GL022
  Multi GLM02 GLM021 GLM022

Syringe Filters - Size: 31mm
  Qty Per Package 100 500 1000
NYLON .2um 3NY02 3NY021 3NY022
.45um 3NY45 3NY451 3NY452
CA .2um 3CA02 3CA021 3CA022
.45um 3CA45 3CA451 3CA452
PP .2um 3PP02 3PP021 3PP022
.45um 3PP45 3PP451 3PP452
PTFE .2um 3PT02 3PT021 3PT022
Hydrophobic .45um 3PT45 3PT451 3PT452
.2um 3PTL02 3PTL021 3PTL022
PES .2um 3PE02 3PE021 3PE022
.45um 3PE45 3PE451 3PE452
NC .2um 3NC02 3NC021 3NC022
(MCE) .45um 3NC45 3NC451 3NC452
PVDF .2um 3PV02 3PV021 3PV022
.45um 3PV45 3PV451 3PV452