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96-Well Filter Plate

With their low extractables and low binding membranes, our syringe filters are ideal for sensitive instrumental analysis including gas, liquid and ion chromatography. A wide range of chemical compatibility enables their use with virtually any sample composition.

  • Customize to your specifications with various membranes or glass fibers
  • Automation user-friendly
  • Uniquely Designed to Work with samples up to 1mL
  • Male luer tips remove risk of cross contamination

Standard SBS footprint: The plate conforms to all SBS microplate specifications to ensure compatibility with all automated workstations and systems.

Easy robotics handling: The skirt feature allows the same grip by robotic systems as the grip with conventional microtitration plates.

Barcode placement options: A barcode label can be placed on any side of the plate as well as on top. Unique matte finish on side allows for writing as well as bar coding. 

OEM and Private Label
Customers can also provide their proprietary membranes or media for insertion into the plates.  Ciro will work with other laboratory manufacturers to supply OEM quantities for your proprietary products. We have complete in-house fabrication facilities including tooling, molding and QC.

96 well Filter Plates
Sterility: NON-STERILE
Qty/Pkg. 100
Membrane Cat No.
.2µm Nylon CINY02-96
.2µm PES CIPE02-96
.2µm PVDF CIPV02-96
.2µm RC CIRC02-96
.2µm PTFE CIPT02-96
.2µm PP CIPP02-96
.2µm CA CICA02-96
.2µm NC CINC02-96
.45µm Nylon CINY45-96
.45µm PES CIPE45-96
.45µm PVDF CIPV45-96
.45µm RC CIRC45-96
.45µm PTFE CIPT45-96
.45µm PP CIPP45-96
.45µm CA CICA45-96
.45µm NC CINC45-96
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