Nano Spin Device

We are pleased to introduce our new small volume filtration device.  The filter is retained in the device tip and has < 3mm diameter.  This format allows for very low retention and sample hold-up.  An attached cap is lab user friendly and can be closed with one hand.  All standard micro-filtration membranes, glass fibers and PE frits are available.  Works with all standard centrifuges and also has vacuum compatible male luer tip.  Our device features a 100% homopolymer polypropylene housing and has an overall volume capacity of 400μl.   Our unique design places the membrane or glass fiber in the tip and therefore the retention volumes are very low. 

  • 500µl Capacity
  • PP 100% homo-polymer
  • Low retention and hold-up
  • Works with standard 1.5ml or 2.0ml centrifuge tubes
  • Vacuum compatible male luer tip

Available with:

  • .2µm Nylon, PES, PVDF, RC, PTFE, PP, CA, NC
  • .45µm Nylon, PES, PVDF, RC, PTFE, PP, CA, NC
  • Glass fiber
  • PE frits  -7um, 10um, 20um, 90um
  • or customized per your needs
Nano - 400ul Capacity
Rec. Tubes 2.0mL Cappless Receiver Tubes
Sterility: NON-STERILE
Qty/Pkg. 100
Membrane: CAT. NO.
.2µm Nylon NINY02
.2µm PES NIPE02
.2µm PVDF NIPV02
.2µm RC NIRC02
.2µm PTFE NIPT02
.2µm PP NIPP02
.2µm CA NICA02
.2µm NC NINC02
.45µm Nylon NINY45
.45µm PES NIPE45
.45µm PVDF NIPV45
.45µm RC NIRC45
.45µm PTFE NIPT45
.45µm PP NIPP45
.45µm CA NICA45
.45µm NC NINC45